Discover who you are, where you are going, and how you got here.

Perspective Quest is a collaborative process guiding individuals and businesses to take a look at where they want to be and identifying key objectives to get there.

Ronna Keller

Founder & Certified Strategic GUIDE

Franchised as a certified guide with Paterson Center in StratOp and LifePlan, Ronna guides individuals and organizations to identify opportunities to build toward success. Additional certifications include Life Language KLLP and Ramsey Master Financial Coaching. Through her own passion and experience in the marketplace and ministry, she has gained knowledge and perspective to help clients realign their future.

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What clients are saying

Perspective Quest helps organizations, as well as individuals. No matter where you’re at in life, we are here to help you get on the right track.

Ronna brought tremendous benefit to our church. She developed our leadership team through a series of exercises that created structural awareness both good and bad. She also helped us discover blind spots in our management systems and processes. She helped bring awareness both in personal and structural development. We immediately implemented her recommendations which set us on a path towards change and growth. Your organization will see immediate results!

Storehouse Church

Though I’ve never struggled with being overweight, my cholesterol has always been higher than it should be.  Doctors have prescribed medicine to try and lower it, which I didn’t want to take.  After implementing the nutrition principles of Perspective Quest, I lost 14 pounds, and my cholesterol numbers dropped 40 points to be within the healthy range.  Following these guidelines is not difficult, and I’ve found that I feel better and sleep more soundly.  

Everyone can benefit from having a coach.  Ronna offers valuable insight into nutrition, relationships, vocation, financial, and spiritual discipleship.  I encourage you to consider engaging with her as you walk out your God-given purpose.  


When I first started the preliminary questions, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. I was expecting more of a business-minded overview of my professional life and how to find direction in that area. When I realized it was a plan for every sphere of my life, I was surprised. Ronna made the process and the tools very clear. As we worked through each tool, they built on each other. There was a clear path on how to move forward and clarify parts of my life that needed some attention. By the end, I felt like I got more than I signed up for in a very good way. I now have a plan in place for various areas of my life where before things were unclear or undefined.

Dustin s
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