Step into your life purpose.

Through a series of tools, we’ll help you find your purpose in life & how to take strategic steps to get you there.

What is LifePlan?

LifePlan creates a roadmap for your life. We’ll help you gain clarity by looking at the whole picture: how you got to where you are, where you want to be, and how to get you there.

We also expand on the LifePlan process with other tools to ensure that you’re prepared for the journey ahead. We want to make sure that you have a thorough understanding of your unique design and how to utilize your own skills and passions to live the life you were meant to live.

Ready to step into your unique calling?

What is the process?

2-Day guided deep dive into your life


We’ll look at your personal life & family history.


We’ll focus on your current vocation and determine how to match it to your unique design.


We’ll set up a plan to get you to where you want to go in each area of your life.

“By the end, I felt like I got more than I signed up for in a very good way. I now have a plan in place for various areas of my life”


Big Picture Approach

Let’s find purpose in all areas of your life.

We don’t just look at your current job to find purpose. We aim to look at all areas of your life, so you find meaning in each area.

Through this process, we will realign your future, armed with truth and knowledge, so that they can walk in fulfillment in five specific areas: Relationally, Vocationally, Financially, Nutritionally, and Spiritually.

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Let’s find your unique purpose

Here is what our clients have to say

I read my mission statement everyday! Thank you so much for walking me through the LifePlan process!! I’ve received so much clarity and peace from our time together. I am forever grateful!

Odille H

Within the first session, I was amazed at the process of looking at the different areas of my life with such clarity and objectivity. It was simple to look at the data- set goals for the future and help influence decisions I was facing. I’m so thankful for the level of care that Ronna showed- like we were in this together, no advice or judgement, but a friend helping me along a process that can get deeply personal. If you want to find the “why” behind your personal and professional aspirations, or even determine what to do next, I highly recommend Perspective Quest.

Anna L