As I’ve suggested, the heart is the cultural icon of the month of February in America and many places around the world.  For this blog post, I’d like to consider the heartbeat of relationships: communication.  How we interact with our loved ones can either strengthen or damage our relationships.  One of the tools for interaction is communication.  

In Life Languages, a profile helps you to determine your primary communication style.  If your loved one completes the profile, you can compare how you are different and how you are alike.  Knowing these tendencies can help you to communicate with each other in the most effective ways.  

Life Languages We Speak

For example, if you are someone who loves to organize things, always has a plan, and a natural-born leader, more than likely, your primary communication language is Shaper.  

What if you are in a relationship with someone who loves people and will be moved by others who are in need or are hurting?  They tend to rescue stray animals, having plenty at any time.  They typically cry at all Hallmark movies and can get their feelings hurt easily.  This communication language is most likely a Responder.  

Neither one of these communication languages is wrong, but it may not be effortless to communicate effectively.  There are seven communication languages and everyone can communicate in all of them, but if you don’t know which language is required in each relationship, you might not be speaking clearly to each other.

In our example, the Shaper language is cognitive, meaning this person will think, act, then feel in their order of response.  The Responder language is an emotive language, meaning this person will feel, act, then think.  Just from that information alone, you can see where there might be a disparity in understanding each other.  Then, when you add in the fact that the Shaper language is very orderly and the Responder is more spontaneous, the conversation could get a little frustrating, particularly if there are other factors at play.  

Which Life Language Do You Speak?

Which of these traits best describes you?

  • Courageous, Bold, Alert, Justice
  • Attentive, Dependable, Diligent, Punctual
  • Creative, Enthusiastic, Flexible, Joyful
  • Compassionate, Gentle, Sensitive, Sincere
  • Decisive, Discreet, Excellent, Responsible
  • Generous, Grateful, Hospitable Thoughtful
  • Cautious, Content, Loyal, Self- Controlled

You can take advantage of learning your communication language so that you can be the best Valentine for your loved ones!  If you’d like to find out your specific communication languages, schedule a free consultation below to learn more about your own life language.

As a ministry, Perspective Quest has a heart to serve people. It is our hope to help you get on track to find your purpose in life or grow your organization.

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