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The StratOp Process aligns people and resources around what matters, bringing focus to the ministry or operation.  It bridges the gap between the big vision and the day to day operations, helping you to accelerate the impact. 

What is StratOp?

We begin by looking at where your organization is today, by examining what impacted the directional turns leading us here.  This is getting perspective by using a number of tools to analyze the organization and where its team members are. 

We look at patterns and trends of the organization, both internally and externally to help identify opportunities for greater significance.  We examine what is right, wrong, confusing or missing to identify some immediate core initiatives.  We look at our core assumptions and identify our primary customer and how to reach them most successfully. 

Using the collective data from our time together, we work with and train team players to take the lead on the agreed upon action initiatives to create momentum to move the organization forward with success.  In StratOp, breakthrough is horizontal – organization wide, rather than departmentally.  We ask the team to put on an owner’s hat, giving them the opportunity to share perspective across departmental barriers.  

More than a one-time event, StratOp is a full system that moves from the big picture vision to practical action steps, installing an accessible suite of tools to equip the team and ensure the vision becomes a reality.  

What does the process look like?

We’ll meet for 2 or 3 full consecutive days


Analyze the organization with a number of tools to help determine how we got here.


Review core initiatives, identify growth opportunities, & determine primary clientele.


Train team players to take the lead on actions to move the organization forward.

StratOp helped give me a clear plan that will literally impact people all around the world. ” 


Prepare your team

Who needs to be involved?

We want the most high-level strategic, operational thinkers to attend. They should be able to think cross-functionally, be team-oriented, mature enough to lay their egos aside, and courageous enough to speak what they see and think.

We do not want to get through our time together and say, “If only this person had been there.” Less is more in terms of number of people. An ideal number is around 6-12 people.

More important than the number of people in the room is the chemistry in the room. We want individuals who get along, know how to disagree fairly, and who are team players. Additionally, we want everyone who attends to participate for the entire time. Constant in and out from some or many of the attendees is disruptive to the process and flow.

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Let’s Grow Your Organization

Here is what our clients have to say

Ronna brought tremendous benefit to our church. She developed our leadership team through a series of exercises that created structural awareness both good and bad. She also helped us discover blind spots in our management systems and processes. She helped bring awareness both in personal and structural development. We immediately implemented her recommendations which set us on a path towards change and growth. Your organization will see immediate results!

Storehouse Church

Over 30 years ago, I had a dream where I saw a sign that said “Advanced Foundations” and when I asked the Lord what that meant, He said, “What you teach is foundational, but it is advanced and it will go worldwide.”  I wasn’t sure exactly how to step into this.  

When I transitioned from lead pastor of the church, I didn’t really see myself starting a ministry, per se.  I just knew I was to take the revelation God had shown me and put it into manuals and teaching videos. 

I had bits and pieces of what I was to do, but no context. Going through the Strat Op process gave me some much-needed structure. Now, over 30 years later, I have a clear plan and the time to put the material into a form that will literally impact people all around the world.  

Terry m