Communication is more than just speaking. You may have heard that non-verbal communication equates to 70% to 93%. When you know what and how you communicate through Life Languages, you can modify your verbal and non-verbal communication to be more successful in relating to other people.  

Ways People Communicate Non-Verbally

There are many ways we communicate non-verbally, including facial expressions, which account for a considerable portion of non-verbal communication.  Gestures such as thumbs up (or down) are another way we communicate.  

A person’s pitch, tone, loudness, and even inflection impact how people hear what is being said.  Body Language and Posture reflect a person’s attitude to what is being shared.  Also, the amount of personal space required varies by individual. 

Eye Contact and physical touch are more ways people communicate; it frequently depends on the relationship between people as they share.  For example, a workplace conversation may deserve more eye contact for successful communication, while a family relationship will be impacted by physical touch.  

In addition to non-verbal communication – knowing the actual language people communicate with is an opportunity to create meaningful conversations.  

Life Languages helps you to learn the 7 languages everyone speaks.  Learning your communication style and the others you speak with will help you to achieve your communication goals. 

What Are The 7 Life Languages?

Just like everyone communicates with all these non-verbal communicators, everyone shares in seven languages.  While some may be rarely used, most people will have one or two that are their dominant communication style.  Through a simple assessment, you can find out which language profiles you most communicate with.

The Seven Communication Profiles fall into three categories, which all have four keys to success.

Category 1 – Action (these people usually act, think, and feel)
1. Mover – Innovative, Forceful, and Have extremely High standards for themselves and others
2. Doer – Practical, Diligent, Detailed and they enjoy repetitive tasks

Category 2 – Emotive/Feeling (these people usually feel, act, and think)
3. Influencer – Intuitive, Inclusive and Enthusiastic and are generally the life of the party
4. Responder – Compassionate, Creative, Passionate and are very concerned about people

Category 3 – Cognitive/Thinker (these people usually think, act, and feel)
5. Shaper – Organized, Strategic and Focused and are natural leaders and will always have a plan
6. Producer – Financially Adept, Hospitable and Resourceful and are excellent gift givers
7. Contemplator – Intelligent, Inquisitive and Philosophical and they love acquiring all kinds of knowledge

Benefits Of Knowing Our Life Languages?

There is a huge benefit to knowing the Keys to Success for every Language.  It will help guide more successful communication, which in turn, leads to other areas of success.  The areas of communication that will improve are:

Filter Questions – Each Language has an invisible filter that colors and affects how the person receives incoming communication.  Much like wearing a pair of tinted sunglasses, this filter gives a silent subconscious message that instantly asks a question.  The person who is receiving the communication is usually analyzing what is being said through this filter.  

Need from Others – All of us have needs from others that, when met, cause us to feel appreciated, motivated, and understood.

two women talking

Driving Passion – We are all hard-wired with a passion for different accomplishments.  Knowing this helps us to encourage and promote the desires in others.

Key Character Strength- All languages have multiple characteristics, but one quality stands out in each language that defines the communication style and appreciates the validation in others. 

Follow along in the next posts as we explore more about communication profiles.  

Learn Your Communication Style

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