The heart is the cultural icon of the month of February in America and many places around the world.  We looked at having a healthy heart in our latest blog.  Now, we will examine what it means to have a vocation that brings you passion.  

So many times, people enter the workforce just after high school or college, sometimes having studied a specific field, without knowing too much about the career they are about to start.  When they start working, they begin to improve their lifestyle by spending the money they are making.  Pretty soon, they become a slave to the job because they continue adding things to their lifestyle, hoping it makes them happy.  

The real truth may be that they don’t particularly enjoy what they do, sometimes spending over 50 hours per week.  They then turn to things or activities, thinking that they will fill the void, but the truth is we are made for something, and our passions and talent may be indicators that we haven’t considered as it relates to our career.  

Being Fulfilled At Work

There is a particular way you and I process information that is probably different.  This could mean that I love strategy and creating ideas, while you may prefer the steady pace of budgets and money.  Neither is wrong, but if I am in a job where I don’t have the freedom to strategize, I will feel dissatisfied.  Additionally, certain core values are essential to you that you could be disappointed with if you aren’t aligning with your job.  Certain things drive you and other things that bring you comfort.  If you haven’t considered these unique aspects of who you are, you will continue striving to enjoy what you are doing vocationally. 

Work should be an opportunity to do what you enjoy and make money doing it.  The average time a person spends at work in a lifetime is 90,000 or nearly one-third of their lives.  Don’t you want to make that time count for something?

Did you know that a person’s general sense of satisfaction is affected by how they feel about their job?  Globally under 50% of people actually love their job, and 45% of workers relate weight gain to that job.

Finding The Right Career

Am I suggesting you need to quit your job?  No, but it can mean you haven’t quite discovered what you were designed to do.  Experiencing a personally designed LifePlan can help you identify how to have more job satisfaction by recognizing what you were created to do. 

Since February is about love – why not consider a LifePlan today to help you discover your heart’s passion and how to pursue it?  You can schedule a free consultation below and start your journey to a fulfilling career and healthy heart.

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