“When speaking to people, the best thing you can be is – be the best you.”  That was what one young man heard as he listened to a guest speaker share with a group of students.  The problem was that the young man asked, “How do I be the best me?”  He didn’t know who he was and wasn’t sure how to go about being the best of that.

Susy Solis, a University of North Texas professor who teaches young students how to be great journalists and broadcasters, didn’t quite know how to answer the question.   If you don’t know who you are, you will constantly be defined by the world’s standards.  Unfortunately, this is counterproductive to success. 

What is success?  

Aligning with who God created you to be.  Susy told her young student, “It requires Radical Acceptance of You.”  Once you accept yourself, you can project your best self to others.  You will never recognize your uniqueness if you constantly compare yourself with others. 

I heard a man sharing his experience while shopping at a store in California.  He was invited to a meeting but didn’t have the right clothes to wear, so he tried to find something appropriate.

When he located a shirt and looked at the price tag, he was aghast at how much it cost, assuming they had made a mistake on the label.   When he asked the salesperson about it, he wanted to know if it had some unique features inside or in the fabric.  The salesperson said – “No, it’s because of whose name is on it.  It is because of who made it.”  

It’s the same with us; we are created with value because the God of the universe created us for a purpose.  You are not an accident.

People often have a hard time recognizing who they are because the world is saying one thing or comparing themselves to others.  But learning who God created you can be as simple as walking through a LifePlan Assessment.  

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